Steroids in the Oatmeal

by kelly

Well, who knew that it would come to this. This morning, I fed my daughter steroid-laden oatmeal! And she ate it! Now that Emma’s been prescribed some antibiotics (pink fluid) for her ear infection and a steroid (syrup), for five days, to help with breathing and for the bronchitis, Paul and I are finding ourselves challenged to get these various strange-tasing things into her body. We’ve found that we can get a few drops at a time of the pink stuff in, by mouth, if we’re patient. But she has no tolerance for the steroid fluid. So I disguised it in a little of her oatmeal cereal today, and it worked like magic! Now if it were only this easy to give pills to cats . . .

One Response to “Steroids in the Oatmeal”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Here’s a tip from a mommy who’s had to dole out the icky tasting stuff a number of times: next time you’re at the dr’s, ask them for a bunch of syringes (no needles, of course). 5mm = 1 tsp. You pop it in their mouths and push the plunger to eject the fluid and it’s down before they even know what hit them!