Surfing the ‘net instead of doing weekend work

by kelly

I am supposed to be getting some major league work done from home this weekend. Some big deadlines (and a client meeting) will occur in the coming week.

But Paul has been writing a paper for his legal writing class, and ONE of us has to watch the baby and go buy diapers and formula.

So instead of getting much office work (or tidying around the house) done, (and to Paul’s great irritation, I might add) I’ve been spending too much time surfing the Internet and reading blogs when Emma naps.

May God help me.

Hmmm, maybe She will, since one of the things I accomplished was scoring a 10 out of 10 on this quiz on a website hosted by a friend of a friend…

10 out of 10

I got 9 out of ten right on a Bhuddhism quiz, too. Don’t think I would do too well on one about the Upanishads, though, not that I found one…

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