Top10 Things Jim, the Cat, Hates:

by kelly

10. The neighbor’s Great Dane

9. Having to come inside after eating grass in the yard

8. Seeing Minnie, the cat, play with his catnip Trout toy

7. “The Claw” – a cruel little game Paul plays with him

6. Thunder

5. The spray bottle full of water

4. Empty blister packs

3. (newest fear) The dropper for the Baby Tylenol (he really hates this one now; not sure how that happened)

2. The smell of any citrus

And the number one thing hated by Jimmy the Cat, who will run out of the room if he even thinks he may encounter it, is…

1. The smell or sight of toothpaste, the toothpaste tube, or anything associated with these (including seeing any human swishing liquid in his or her mouth)

One Response to “Top10 Things Jim, the Cat, Hates:”

  1. nicolek Says:


    Buddy hates the spray bottle too! But, he’s not an outside cat, so the other stuff doesn’t much apply.

    Buddy also does not care for the tub, unless of course he goes in himself when its not full of water. Give him a bath, and he hates it again for a few weeks.