Dissed, Licked, and Morocco

by kelly

It was a long week. Paul had taken care of Emma all day on Wednesday. Then, on Thursday, she was with Grandma K. I had a Board Meeting after work, Paul had night class, and I didn’t pick her up until 9:00p.m. She spent the day with Paul again on Friday, which is when I caught a little bug that was going around. I left work early Friday with a fever. I went to bed Friday afternoon and stayed there until sometime late-ish on Saturday. Since we didn’t want Emma to catch whatever it was, Paul stayed on full-time parent duty until I was feeling better on Sunday. And It so happens that our little girl is also starting to enter the Separation Anxiety phase. So guess what you get when you add together:

3.5 days of Daddy Daycare + Baby Anxiety + Busy, Sick Mom??
You get a girl that only wants her Dad, that’s what!¬†
Mom is just not as interesting right now. I can hold her, but she’s looking around for him. Or, if I’m changing her diaper, and all’s going well, and he stops in for a peek and leaves, she starts crying – his leaving being the operative factor there. She even cried last night when I was feeding her in the highchair in the kitchen and he asked me a question from the other room – crying because she was suddenly aware of Daddy, and aware that he wasn’t nearby. Holy yikes. At least she’s distractible with certain toys. If I pull out her baby-chick puppet, or if a cat enters the room, she laughs contentedly. And I’m on an intensive baby-holding and -playing schedule to try to convince her that I’m still great fun to be around, too. But it’s enough to make a mom consider whether he feelings should be hurt just a tad. And Paul’s loving it. He’s LOVING it. He’s King-‘Fun Guy’-Daddy, and Emma just wants him around. Sigh. I’m sure this is only the beginning of a never-ending series of changes in her choice of favorite parent de jour. Interesting to see it starting up.¬†
I’ll post some photos soon of the Daughter-Daddy pair. They’ve been having great fun, lately, while I try explaining (pathetically) to Emma that I’m nice, too. But I guess I haven’t been totally shut out. She has taken, lately, to coming at me with an open mouth when I hold her. My cheeks, jaw, and neck have been getting a lot of nibbling and licking. So at least I’m as good to try to put into her mouth as anything else. It is quite a sensation to be nibbled by a little baby mouth!¬†
Anyway, that’s the last couple of days at our house, in a nutshell.¬†
Also check out some pictures from our 1997 Morocco trip. I had them scanned, and posted them recently to our Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kuglitsch/

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