Cheeseheads On My Cats

by kelly

Whew. I learned today that I am not the only person in the world who likes to “decorate” her cats from time to time. Some of you may recall the picture we included in Holiday cards some years back, of our felines sporting mini-Santa hats.

And then there was the supreme effort that went into
these –>
lovely images that document Jimmy and Minnie as official Green Bay Packer Fans and Cheeseheads.

I took these shortly after we moved to Wisconsin. I worked so hard, at the time, to make the little hats. And I worked even harder to get them each to sit still during the numerous attempts at capturing their images on a green background, with a tiny football prop during their respective photo sessions.

My goal at the time was to submit their pictures to a the Page-a-Day Cat calendar for consideration (they offer a contest). I never heard from the calendar folks. Hmmmph! But, finally, I have submitted these pictures to a site that will appreciate them. A site for people like me who like to put “stuff” on their cats!

The motto of is Cats + Stuff = Awesome. 
Silly as it is, I have to agree.
A peek around the site indicates that a lot of people who submit pictures to the site take the word “on” quite literally, however. They just seem to set as many loose items onto their cat as the creature will permit, and then take a picture. Forgive me if I’m being immodest, but fashioning and/or applying an actual hat seems to be taking this art to a higher level.¬†
Well, anyway, we’ll see if Jimmy and Minnie finally achieve the recognition they deserve for their humiliation by having their cheesehead pictures published on StuffOnMyCat.Com.
And even if they don’t, I suppose they’ve already gotten some good enough feedback. Someone left a comment on Minnie’s cheesehead picture on Flickr recently. They called her the “World’s most beautiful mousetrap.” Yes. If Minnie could get a mouse out of the deal, I’m sure she would enjoy that.

One Response to “Cheeseheads On My Cats”

  1. nicolek Says:

    Buddy may be a patient cat, but getting him to pose would be a miracle. I think I have 1 picture of the dog & cat together- and it took a few hours to get them to be close enough for them to be in the same shot together.

    You do have some talent I tell you!