Cute Weekend

by kelly

It was another busy weekend. But between a little of this and a little of that, we managed to get some cute pictures of our girl.

(These two pictures look really neat side by side, but I coudn’t get them to fit that way on this page)

She is up to some sweet tricks these days. These include:

  • Making eeh-eeh-eeh-eeh sounds like a little monkey
  • Kicking her mobile while laying in her crib, so that she can watch the stuffed bears spin around
  • Making a screechy seal noise (at first I thought she was horribly hoarse, but now I realize she does this noise on purpose)
  • She bit daddy’s nose (when he stuck it into her mouth) with her short little sharp tooth
  • Turning around in her highchair, for no good reason, just after taking a bite of food, and licking the back of the highchair. Of course, this necessitates wiping the food off of the chair before it gets into her hair.
  • Smacking her lips to let us know its bottle time.
  • Pivoting around the floor on her tummy.

She also likes to pull hats off of her head (even hats that fit her properly). The hat she’s wearing (and then about to not be wearing) here is Mommy’s hat.

And bath time is more fun than ever, now that she sits on the ‘big girl’ side and plays with toys! Kicking in the water is fun, too!

Today, for the first time, I noticed after the bath that her toes were “prune-y”! I tried to take a picture of her wrinkled toes, but I learned that our camera functions much better on macro mode when the target stays still – not something we achieved today.

After her bath, she got back to her playing, squealing, and babbling. She’s quite a happy girl!


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