QUIZ – What Type Of Cheese Are You!?

by kelly

I am Mozzerella Cheese!!!!


(But if I change my answers to other reasonable picks
for me, I might also be Blue Cheese, Brie, or Chedder Cheese…)

See what kind of Cheese YOU are! Take the quiz:


7 Responses to “QUIZ – What Type Of Cheese Are You!?”

  1. Kelly Says:


    Paul is a smooth, lightly colored, square-shaped cheese. He is a classic simple cheese. He is cautions and practical and very down to earth.


  2. Kelly Says:

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  3. Kelly Says:

    And someone else out there is Emmenthaler. You know who you are…

    Sweet smelling, light-toned cheese with large holes!

    Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Anne Marie Says:

    The irony never stops. Scott is Mozzerella cheese and I’m American. Funny!

  5. Robert Battistini Says:

    Hello Devotees of the KellyPaul cheese…
    Well, I was hoping for gorgonzola, but somehow I’m BLUE CHEESE: “Soft, crumbly, and white…with blue (varicose?) veins.” I just don’t get it! White?! Fifteen years ago Phil Cohen threatened to strangle me if I said one more time, “Chuck D is a genius.” Soft? Once I benched 90 pounds! (Because a 70-year-old in the gym challenged me to.) As for ‘crumbly’…at least I’m good on a salad.
    The quiz may be in error. Or maybe you have to be a Wisconsiner to fully inhabit your cheese…

  6. Kelly Says:

    Thank you to the respondent who e-mailed to say, “I am surprised, I too am a Mozzarella. I personally feel I am to sassy to be Mozzarella.” Well, let me tell you, we Mozzarella’s can be pretty sassy! Thanks for your message!

  7. Kristen Denner Says:

    There you have it: I’m camembert: “a creamy, delicate tasting cheese. You are refined and graceful and very organized. As a very insightful cheese, you like to ponder the meaning of life.” Fair enough. I am also delightfully paired with a nice St Emilion – love that Bordeaux wine!