In Honor of Carrots

by kelly
Several people have noticed, lately, that Emma’s skin has taken on an orangey hue. She’s been getting too many orange vegetables. (Note the use of the passive tense there, so that it’s not really anyone’s fault).¬†

I guess she has carotenemia. We’ve “discovered the power of carrots,” all right.

This all came to our attention last Friday. Since then, every meal that she eats on our watch (I don’t always know what she eats at daycare) is based on green vegetables.

So she should return to her normal, delicate hue soon enough.

We’re just going to have to help her love those sweet potatoes a little less… (They, like squash and a majority [argh!] of blended baby food flavors, also contain loads of beta-carotene, the orange-tinting culprit).

(I really hate to mention this, because, it reveals that I already did it. Against my better judgment, however, I am compelled to recommend that, if you are looking for a couple of minutes of low-level amusement, you check out Mr. Carrothead, a feature of the online World Carrot Museum.)

2 Responses to “In Honor of Carrots”

  1. nicolek Says:

    Mr Carrothead- LOL!

    Like the new format! Just don’t dress Emma in anything that accentuates her oranginess.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Hi, there!

    Hee hee. You played it, too, didn’t you!!!!