Weekend Pictures

by kelly

Playing in the Exersaucer
Originally uploaded by Koog Family.

Paul was out of town on a golf overnight with some friends. So, after we woke up from “morning naptime,” Emma and I had some quality Mom-Daughter time.


Fun! Fun!
Originally uploaded by Koog Family.

We ate lunch and played. . .

At the Plant Nursery
Originally uploaded by Koog Family.

. . . And then headed out for some errands, including to the nursery, where we picked up some plants to plant on the side of the house to fill in for the poor plant souls that didn’t survive the Wisconsin winter.

Emma likes to sit in grocery carts like a “big girl,” now, and has fun in her brightly colored “floppy seat” that has a pocket for her bottle, and loops onto which we can clip a favorite toy (to prevent it from landing on the ground at the mercy of a little girl who likes to see what happens when she drops things).

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