Busted With Grits

by kelly

 I Heart Grits

Grits.¬† You either love em’ or hate em’.

I got caught lovin’ ’em at work today.¬† By someone who hates ’em.

4 Responses to “Busted With Grits”

  1. MF Says:

    I’m a grits hater. I’m also an oatmeal hater. I think it’s the uniformity of the texture I can’t stand.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Yuck! I too think its the texture. Kevin had some when we were in Atlanta in November for the Packers game (and to visit friends), and they didnt stay down too well…

  3. nite.owl Says:

    Yuk. Back in the 60s, being a strict northern boy and not wanting to appear at all southern, I took a trip to Florida with wife #2. We stopped for lunch and I ordered a plate of food but with expressed instructions to hold the grits. Well, they came with the plate anyway so I spooned them onto the table and left them sitting there next to the empty plate when we left. #2 was less than pleased with me.

  4. Kelly Says:

    C’mon, I know there has to be SOME ONE else out there with Southern blood who reads this and likes grits.

    It’s OK, though. I am comfortable enough in my grits-loving that I don’t take it personally that Northern-types generally detest the stuff.