A Bad Thing

by kelly
Paul clearing gutters - front of house      Paul clearing gutters - front of house      Paul clearing gutters - side of house

Paul borrowed the neighbor-lady’s ladder and cleared out some gutters this weekend.

I was inside when Paul came in to report, anxiously and glumly, that he had done “a bad thing.”

At the direction of the neighbor, who advised that such things can cause water to leak behind the siding, Paul removed a birds’ nest located between the roof and the siding.¬†

Paul had assumed that it was too early in the year for the nest to be in use.  But after he removed it, he saw that it contained two eggs.

Inside the house, he reported that he felt bad, and would make a donation to the Humane Society.

Outside again, later, the neighbor told Paul that the nest belonged to “blackbirds – the kind that eat other birds’ eggs.”¬† So she told Paul that he shouldn’t feel too bad.

I asked Paul if he would still be making a donation to the Humane Society.

“Yes,” he said.¬† “Just less.”



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