Happy Birthday, Bono!

by kelly

Bono's Birthday Cake


             Happy Birthday, Bono!  From Me РKelly! 


I’m sending you these birthday greetings in my blog because I know¬†you’ll stop by soon to read it.¬† It¬†was great to see you last year.¬† It was on Paul’s birthday as a matter of fact.¬† You performed in the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.¬† I was in the crowd of thousands.¬† You know, up on the left-hand side?¬† I’m the one that really felt sorry for you when that drunk blonde woman who got up on stage hugged you and wouldn’t let go the whole time¬†you were trying to sing ‘With or Without You.’¬† I’m sure you remember.¬† And as you told us when we saw you,¬†that night was the 30th anniversary of the forming of U2.¬† Is it a coincidence that your real name is Paul David and that I married a man named Paul David with that birthday?¬† I don’t think so!

You are 46 today.¬† And I don’t care how old you are, Bono.¬† I paid good money and trudged through the rain last year in hopes of getting to see you crawl around on the stage.¬† I don’t think there was actually as much slithering as I had anticipated,¬†but not to worry.¬† I got my voyueristic gal’s money’s worth.¬† You’re such a great performer, and the¬†stage design and effects were great.¬† You know I’ve had a thing for you, Bon, since I’ve been 17.¬† I’ll still probably think you’re cute when you’re 80.¬† (But tell the Edge I’ve figured out that he wears those caps because he’s lost all his hair).¬† Paul thought the political exhortations at the concert were a little heavy handed, but come on! It¬†just wouldn’t be a U2 concert without those.¬† Mark and Fran were there with us, too.¬† And Grandma and Grandpa K. were at our house on their first serious baby-sitting mission with 6-week old Emma.¬†¬†No one else could have pulled me away for so many hours from such a tiny daughter but you.¬† Anyway, all the best to you for a great¬†day and year!¬†

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Bono!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I didn’t know you were there too! Kevin and I are members of the fan club just so we could be sure to get tickets. We were about 5 rows from the drunken blonde- we were on the floor.

    I have pics (not so great) and other things from the concert…. (something you’ll wanna see and hear next time you’re here).

    It was a great concert!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Oh, neat! We were pretty far up. So maybe you can tell me then – what was the deal with that horrible woman. Did Bono actually invite her up, or did she or her friends just push her up there? I felt so sorry for him, being at the mercy of her glomming on, and not wanting to look like a jerk and pushing her away. Her antics screwed up the song. Was everyone down there hating her as much as we were?

    (p.s. it’s expired now, but I had a membership to the fan club, too, for the same reason).

  3. Nicole Says:

    We still have a membership. We figure they will tour again, and this time they will keep priority when selling tickets like they were supposed to before.

    Anyway, they always invited someone on stage. He pulled her up there- I think he pointed at her specifically if I recall right. I felt sorry for Bono. It looked like she would never let him go!