Can You Afford Not To Watch It?

by kelly

Below is an excerpt from the article Will Your Workers Ever Retire?, by Dallis Salsibury (President and CEO of the Employee Benefits Research Institute), and originally published on Human Resource Executive Online ( 

Looks like I already missed the showing in my area, but I’m going to try to catch it online, where it will be available starting tomorrow:

Television specials sometimes have the power to change public perceptions and to move Congress and presidents to action.

As the Employee Retirement Income Security Act sat stalled by interest-group debates, NBC ran a one-hour special on the pension crisis. Shortly thereafter ERISA became law.

Maybe the same dynamic will begin this week.

For many months, we have been reading of pension terminations and freezes, and of Congress moving slowly towards another “pension reform” bill. The public has been amazingly quiet as Congress, the administration and interest groups spar.

Discussion — or action — may pick up with the airing this week of a PBS special “Can You Afford to Retire?” The subtitle of the broadcast: “Baby Boomers Face Retirement Crisis as Lifetime Pensions Wither and 401(k)s Can’t Keep Up.”

2 Responses to “Can You Afford Not To Watch It?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    A little point and counterpoint reaction to the show:

    PSCA Response to May 16, 2006, PBS Frontline “Can You Afford to Retire”

    Counter to PSCA’s (Profit Sharing Council of America) Response to PBS’ FRONTLINE

  2. Kelly Says:

    Wow. This PBS program really got a lot of benefits-types worked up. Here are some more of the links that arrived in my mailbox:

    EBRI and ASEC Recommend PBS Retirement Program as an Opportunity for Education and Driver of Increased Savings

    EBRI and ASEC Cite the Benefits in PBS Documentary, ‘Can You Afford to Retire’

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