Sitting with Cats

by kelly

On the drive over to my mother’s house last night to perform my cat-sitting duties, I found myself thinking about a pseudo-religious essay I¬†read recently about cats and faith.

Cats are to People, as People are to The Gods, the essay had analogized.

The essayist noted that traveling cat owners think about their cats’ well being¬†during each day of their absence, and¬†expounded on the¬†comparison to query whether cats, when their owners are away, experience themselves to be abandoned and forsaken, or whether they have¬†faith in their¬†owner’s abiding love and eventual return.

My mother’s cats were anxious, when I arrived, and happy to receive some pets and treats.¬† But after a few minutes of attention, and of examining the playful baby in my entourage,¬†they each returned to¬†their prior posts in the bedroom, where my mother had left on a queitly-playing “smooth jazz” radio station for them.¬†

I think Cookie and Yoda are faithful cats.   

Oma's beautiful Yoda as a kitten

Yoda (as a kitten),
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