June is Dairy Month!

by kelly

Mars Cheese Castle
Originally uploaded by ChicagoSage.

June is Dairy Month!

What better time could there be eat some fresh, squeeky cheese curds, to visit some cheese blogs (neatly compiled in my new¬†”Cheese Links” section), or¬†to salute¬† my favorite Wisconsin roadside attraction,¬†Mar’s Cheese Castle – that beautiful landmark/cheese store that lets the driver on I-94 know that he or she is finally in Wisconsin.¬† Mar’s is the city-person’s resource for squeeky¬†curds¬†and other edible¬†novelties.¬†(And you may not know this, but you can stop there to eat lunch, too.¬† They make a mean grilled¬†ham and cheese.)

Not to be forgotten is the fact that¬†June starts the reign of this year’s¬†new “Alice in Diaryland,”¬†the Wisconsin State¬†dairy industry marketing representative who serves a one-year term performing traveling dairy education and service.¬†¬†¬†

Or, to keep your dairy month celebration more refined and¬†mellow, just pour yourself a glass of your favorite fermented grapes paired up with¬†your favorite fermented dairy.¬† That’s right, I’m talking about the food of the gods – wine and cheese.¬†¬†

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