by kelly

Dancing Bat     The test came back negative today.

The biting bat (may he or she rest in peace) did not have rabies!! 

So no more shots for mom or Emma.¬† And I’m not as worried about the tenant’s bills anymore.¬† Homeowner’s should cover most of it, I would think.¬† And as my boss reminded me,¬†it’s just money.¬† Luckily, everyone is in good health.¬†¬†

2 Responses to “GOOD NEWS!!!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Thats wonderful news! Glad everything was okay. I hope your tenants finger is okay!

  2. Kelly Says:

    I think his finger is OK. Bats have remarkably small teeth. I bet he felt more pain from the 7 shots he received so far (there were six at the first session). He seems to be taking it all remarkably well. And we’ve heard more hammering upstairs, so we’re assuming that they are decorating and planning to stick around for a while.