Ditchin’ Aida for DaVinci

by kelly

I arrived at work on Friday morning and checked my calendar.¬† It was then that I saw that we had opera tickets.¬† For the next night.¬† I’d forgotten.

I just wasn’t up for it.¬† A quick call confirmed that¬†Paul wasn’t up for it, either.

In fact, we’d been thinking of getting a sitter and checking out The DaVinci Code. (I had read the book, and wanted to see it – bad reviews and all).

And that’s what we did.¬† I found takers for each of¬†our two opera tickets.¬† One went to someone who had been trying to¬†find an unused ticket¬†anyway, and who has been listening to his new Aida CD since Christmas.¬† Perfect.

So we traded highbrow fiction for lowbrow fiction; ancient Egyptian romance and tragedy for modern day biblical cover-up suspense and sleuthing (and Tom Hank’s strange hairdo).¬†

And these still relatively new parents enjoyed the special treat of  getting out to see a movie. 


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