Public Speaking Maniac

by kelly

I gave a two-hour presentation this morning, again, on the topic of HIPAA Health¬†Privacy Law.¬†¬†This was my¬†6th rendition of this topic,¬†the¬†5th time at this location, and the 7th¬†time¬†doing any public speaking at all since March of ’05.¬†

Dang if I’m not starting to get good at it.

Next time I¬†present¬†will be¬†for a program at the State Bar in late summer.¬† Then I think I’m¬†up on HIPAA again in November and December.¬†¬†

I’ll be on fire by then.¬† The poor suckers in the audience will never even see the¬†geeky¬†Internal Revenue Code¬†jokes coming.¬†¬†¬†¬†

One Response to “Public Speaking Maniac”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Well, you could be like me…. 4 times a week I’m on “stage” with my new job.

    I can only imagine the Internal Revenue Code jokes…. is that to keep people awake?