Cat Food

by kelly

Originally uploaded by WhatDaveSees.

I suppose it was inevitable.

We try to be vigilant about keeping crawling Emma away from the cat’s food bowls on the floor in the kitchen.

But today, she got a few morsels in her hand and I didn’t notice.

Then she ate one. I saw the chewed up bits of it in her mouth. It was a triangular piece of Science Diet Hairball Formula Light.

I’m sure it didn’t taste quite like (her favorite snack)¬†a Cheerio.

2 Responses to “Cat Food”

  1. MF Says:

    Once Shawn Fitzpatrick decided to try dog food, because he wanted to see if it was really suitable for human consumption and that warning on the package was just a ploy to trick people out of a cheap source of nutrition. I think he really hated the taste, though, and went back to his normal diet of Mountain Dew and Captain Crunch.

    …. and HE’S also a parent, now!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Wow. Shawn Fitzpatrick. What a colorful fellow. I haven’t thought about him in years. The thing I liked best about Shawn, in addition to his ability to be completely contrarian but also positive and friendly, was that he taught himself to read and speak German within a short space of time. Spoke it pretty well, too.

    His child will have an interesting life.

    Shawn seems like the kind of guy who might have, or at least should have, a blog.