Cats, Your Food’s Got Nothin’ On Peas!

by kelly

Eating Peas
 by Koog Family.

There have been no additional cat food ingestion incidents at our house after the one I wrote about last weekend.

Instead, we’ve managed to steer her toward¬†other, more approriate foods.

Last week, she got really excited about feeding herself Cheerios. This week, we’re right in the thick of riding that wave to transition from all pureed foods to a variety of other finger foods, like toast, cut up fruit, chunks of hash brown patties heated up in the toaster, and, tonight, green peas!


Eating Peas and Smiling

by Koog Family.

This evening, as an accompaniment to some Gerber “3rd Foods” Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (visible on her cheek and bib), hash brown chunks, and banana baby yogurt (visible on her chin) that we helped her to eat for dinner, Emma fed herself peas.

Lots and lots of peas.

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