Things Paul and I Have In Common

by kelly

We grew up in the Midwest. 

Our parents worked in the healthcare industry.

We each attended “Big 10” Universities.

We each intentionally avoided the Sorority/Fraternity scene.

We each majored in Art History and originally planned to be curators and/or professors.

I studied German; Paul studied Latin.

I loved the Beatles with a rare enthusiam; for Paul, it was the Grateful Dead.

Eighties music transports us back to memories of high school days.

We each spent a great summer abroad in 1992.  I was in Germany; Paul was in Greece.

We attended (and met at) grad school at GWU in Washington, D.C.

We wooed one another with our art history knowledge; I was charmed to hear Paul speak of metopes and triglyphs. He he impressed me with the scar he got while excavating in Greece.  I wowed him with my comments in Theory and Methodology and a rousing class slide presentation on the teaching style and artistic taste of the father of American Art History, Charles Eliot Norton.

We both catalogued bronze Renaissance plaquettes as part of our internship duties at the National Gallery of Art.  

We have both waited tables (Paul much more successfully than I).

We like to plan for the future 

We would both much rather save for retirement than drive new cars. 

We enjoy traveling and look forward to doing a lot more of it in the future.

We have both known the pleasures of law school.

We love living in Milwaukee.

Our sweet daughter is our favorite little girl in the world.

We were both a little naughtier, growing up, than our parents were wise to; so watch out Emma, we’ll be on the lookout!

We both cry¬†and sniffle when we watch Little House on the Prairie episodes all the way through.¬† (It doesn’t matter which one. There’s always a tear-jerker scene built in.¬†¬† We even cried, recently, at a show directed by Michael Landon, Jr.¬† It had the same tear-jerker touch.)¬†

2 Responses to “Things Paul and I Have In Common”

  1. Lee Says:

    Such an interesting list there, very sweet too!

  2. Grandma K Says:

    Very nice comparison on similarities. So happy you came into Paul’s
    life. Great match. -Grandma