Busy Daughter, Busy Mommy

by kelly

Tired Girl With a Cheerio on her Chin

Originally uploaded by Koog Family.

It’s nice to have a long weekend. My firm is closed today and tomorrow. I’ll be going in the afternoon, though, just to catch up on the mounting piles of obligations.

But for now, I have the morning off from the office. Emma is napping at the moment. Before that, and all with her help, I fed her breakfast, tidied toys, and folded and put in new loads of laundry. After that round of activity, I could use a nap, too. But instead, I have succumbed to the lure of turning on a soap opera (for the first time since maternity leave).

Not much time for philosophizin’ on the blog, lately. I’ve been too busy keeping up with a very active almost-toddler (who has eight teeth, by the way. And she can say “uh-oh” and “eow” [in response to hearing the cats’ mewing]).

She has the independent spirit of a toddler now, which is most evident when I try to get her to hold still when I change her diaper or – to her horror – put clothes on her. Inevitably these days, she ends up, naked, across the room from the diaper/dressing staging area. I have to go catch her, and use ever more sophisticated techniques to get her to stay still long enough just to fasten two diaper tabs. It sounds much easier than, in fact, it is.

On the other hand, she’s so busy crawling around, exploring, transporting favorite toys from place to place, that when she’s tired, she very very tired; like a young puppy that runs around in seemingly endless circles only to then fall into a deep and uninterruptible sleep.

Yesterday, she nearly fell asleep during her lunch. We had to stop the feeding, mid-meal, so that she could lay down for a long nap. But just before that, I got this picture of her – she had no idea that she had inadvertently stuck a Cheerio onto her chin.

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