What’s the deal with Slinkman (the Banana Slug)?

by kelly

The¬†Cartoon Network airs¬†an animated show called “Camp Lazlo.”¬† One of the characters on the show, a banana slug, is named “Slinkman.”¬†

I find this disturbing, somehow, as that is my maiden name, and a name that I know others often have a hard time pronouncing.¬† I can’t figure out if the show’s creators named a slug “Slinkman” because it seems like a natural description for a slug (who slinks along), or if – as I’m guessing is more likely – Slinkman was named after someone’s buddy.

Maybe I’ll never know.

But I do find it odd.

If anyone has any insights into Slinkman the slug, I would welcome them. 

2 Responses to “What’s the deal with Slinkman (the Banana Slug)?”

  1. Angie Says:

    We recently went to a park on a soggy day and banana slugs were everywhere (along with invasive “bad” slugs from Europe who sometimes attack and kill! the banana slugs). They are native to the NW and very good for the forests. Named after their large size and bright yellow color, we discovered that banana slugs are also light brown, brownish-yellow, and brown with dark brown or black spots. While reading a book at the nature center about them, I also learned about Apophallation. Here’s a link to learn more about the unique mating habits of banana slugs. Enjoy!


  2. Kelly Says:

    Well, hello! and my goodness. What interesting material! Good vocabulary word, too.

    Maybe they have to emasculate themselves in order to be good nurturing and caring mommies to their soon-to-be baby slugs.  Or maybe not. Either way, I bet that woman is having a great time with her banana slug career.

    I’m glad they’re good for the forests,though. That makes me feel better about one of them having my name.