Wisdom in the Spam

by kelly

Just a quick word on blog comment spammers, for those who haven’t experienced them firsthand.¬†

Comment spammers strike me as slightly¬†misguided souls who spend a lot ot time posting comments on multiple blogs in order to get their own sales websites to rank higher on Google. (They do this, somehow, without actually visiting the blog – I haven’t figured out yet exactly how they manage that).¬†¬†

You can usually spot (and delete the comments of) comment spammers not only by the fact that they are “strangers” and have a commercial-sounding web address (and post other sales buzzwords along with their address), but also because they almost invariably post the same kind of comment: something designed to “fool” the blogger into thinking it’s a genunine and personal response to the site.¬† Usually something along the lines of: “Great site.¬† Thanks for your work.”¬† Or “I’ve been searching on Google, and this site has it.”¬† Or, my favorite, “Informative¬†site.¬†Thanks, guy!”¬† (Often,¬†these themes, and their¬†variations, are phrased in¬†rather¬†stilted English).

But a comment spammer who left me with a little gift¬†yesterday¬†had something different to say.¬† And I¬†had a nagging feeling that this comment¬†bears repeating.¬† I just couldn’t bring myself to delete it without doing so.¬†¬†So here it is.¬† A little wisdom in the spam:

All the darkness in the world cannot put out the smallest candle. The darker it is, more brightly shines the candle. instead of complaining about the dark search for your candle. Believe me; It exists

2 Responses to “Wisdom in the Spam”

  1. Editor B Says:

    Comment spammers are not, as a rule, people. They are automated scripts. Imagine little robots (spambots) surfing the web and posting comments according to their master’s bidding and you get the idea.

  2. Editor B Says:

    PS: You should definitely activate your Akismet plugin. You’ll need to retrieve your API key from your wordpress.com account. Holler if you need help.