Bad Poem – Nice Weekend

by kelly

 I neglected the blog, but my closet looks good.
 I sorted and laundered like I knew that I could.
 I’d ignored closet crowding since Emma’s been here.
 But with renewed strength and vigor, all’s now ordered and clear.
 I also turned my attention to packing.
 Seven cush’ days at sea is a challenge worth tackling.
 For the Yukon and AK we should bring some warm clothes.
 But also some summery garb, ‘cause who knows?  
 We attended the baptism of a friends’ tiny guy,
 Paul and Emma had to leave due to her little cries.
 They sat in the back and missed all the action.
 But cheerios provided her some satisfaction.
 Sunday night was an exciting one on our street.
 There was thunder, and rain, and mixed in with that, sleet.
 Then the rain came down harder.  The street started to flood.
 Then thunder shook the house with a thud.   
 The power went out while the street river raged
 The neighbors all gathered to examine the stage
 that was our strange street; but nature’s sly ploy
 did nothing to dampen the neighbor boy’s joy.  
 He pulled up his shorts and ran through the water,
 and every few seconds, let out a glad holler.
 Emma, for her part, was intrigued by the rain.
 She stood up to bang on the window pane.
 Candles and a flashlight guided the rest of the eve’.
 In the morning we discovered the outage reprieve.
 The lights were back on, but the real light of the day  
 was the pointing and smiling Emma sent just my way.    

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