Remembering Frank Zeidler

by kelly
Frank Zeidler

So long to a true gentleman who is being much remembered in the local and national news today – Frank Zeidler. He was the last of his kind – Milwaukee’s last “sewer socialist” mayor (the first was in 1910), and the last socialist mayor of a major American city. (He served from 1948 – 1960), and ran for president in 1976.

I’ve heard him interviewed on the radio and found him to be¬†a lovely, thoughtful fellow.¬† I’ve also seen him at local¬†German-American gatherings.

Under his watch, the parks system in our city, including the park that surrounds our neighborhood, flourished.  He also oversaw the annexation of land to be used for industrial development, which gave Milwaukee the tax and business base it needed to prosper.

We could use more politicians like him today. He focused on basic city services and infrastructure Рnot partisanship or currying lobbyist favor. 

Sadly, things aren’t run with as much integrity and cooperation these¬†days.¬†

And we were disappointed to learn recently that the public swimming pool in the park near our house is one of 43 [out of 47] park pools slated to permanently close next summer as part of the city’s solution to its pension-scandal-fuled budget woes.

I’m pretty sure that¬†Frank Zeidler would have been ticked-off about that.

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