Melting in Milwaukee

by kelly

We Milwaukeeans are delicate creatures. 

Oh, cold weather?!¬† That’s nothing.¬† And don’t believe everything you hear about how cold it gets here, either.¬† It’s all part of a conspiracy to keep our lovely state all to ourselves.¬† When it is cold, though, we know what to do.

But¬†HEAT -¬†”Oh Jeez”, as they say in the local parlance.¬† No one likes it when the mercury rises.¬†¬†A typical Milwaukeean transplanted to more southern, tropical climes would wilt and fail to thrive¬†much like¬†a Norwegian Spruce transplanted to Death Valley.

And we’ve had a Milwaukee heat wave this weekend.¬† That means that temperatures have reached levels that are quite normal for other parts of the country, but for which we are ill-prepared.

Temperatures have been in the mid-90s Saturday, Sunday, and today, with heat index readings in the low to mid 100s. 

That prompted the National Weather Service to issue the year’s first Heat Advisory warning for our city, while the municipal authorities set up 21 cooling centers – stations in which both inside air conditioning, as well as outdoor “industrial strength spinklers attached to fire hydrants,”¬†are available.¬† This has been paired with public pleas for citizens to refrain from opening fire hydrants, on their own,¬†for relief.¬† City pools also extended their weekend hours to 7:00p.m.

Luckily, the local paper is promising an end to the madness:

Today’s high could reach 94 with a heat index of 102, according to the Weather Service; tomorrow’s high is expected to be a refreshing 79.¬†¬†

2 Responses to “Melting in Milwaukee”

  1. Lee Says:

    I think most of the country feels your pain my friend. It was so hot over the weekend that my a/c could only keep the house near 80. Better than 95, but still a steamer!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Aha. It seems I spent the past few days too cocooned in my air conditioned office and house to realize that we we are not alone!