Milwaukee Rated Safest From Natural Disaster

by kelly

Safe Milwaukee

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More evidence in support of my personal and strongly held theory that Milwaukee offers one of the best places to reside in the country; that despite (or perhaps, in part because of) being a well-kept secret.

Todays’s Journal Sentinal Online has the full story.

Mother Nature might wave her finger and offer an occasional scolding, but it’s unlikely she’ll unleash her full fury on Milwaukee, according to a study released Tuesday that ranks the city No. 1 in the country in terms of safety from a catastrophic natural disaster.

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  1. Kelly Says:

    Well, on second thought, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I should point out that the quality of life is not so good here if you live within Milwaukee’s¬†inner-city area. Milwaukee ranks alarmingly high on the lists of worst teen pregnancy and childhood poverty problems.