Fireworks – In Sky and Suitcase

by kelly

Festa Fireworks 2
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It was an oddly bland week, for being so full of excess.

The heat wave let up at the beginning of the week, but the wave of work at the office is more intense than ever.¬†¬†My boss promises that if he’s hired by one more big client (he’s been on a role lately), he’ll hire a new associate. That’s code for ‘someone else to help out around the place.’ I find myself hoping for that one more client.

My hours are generally pretty reasonable, but this was an extraordinary week. Every project has been an urgent one, and the deadlines and obligations all converged into a cacophonous mountain of madness on Thursday night, when I was in the office until nearly 11:00 p.m. Paul took care of Emma all evening, while I missed her, and cursed the calculations I had to perform for an IRS filing due the next day. But it felt good to get it finished the day before it was due. And my consolation for being at the office so late was that I had a perfect, 18th floor view of one of the best summertime fireworks displays over Lake Michigan . . . courtesy of Festa Italiana.

During the summer, the festival grounds see fireworks most night of every weekend. I sometimes hear them, from a distance, at my house. But when 10:15 rolled around on Thursday, and I wasn’t at my house, it was a great excuse to roll the chair away from the computer and to take in the view outside my window. Lovely. And I’ll take that kind of explosion any day over that kind happening, excessively, in the Middle East just now.

Paul is out tonight (and has been away much of the day), busy with his brother’s bachelor party. I’m sure there are some excesses going on there.

After putting Emma to bed, I watched our current Netflix flick – Walk the Line. Loved it.¬† There were some excesses in that subject matter, I’d say. And – hold on to your hats – I drank two beers while I watched it.

Then, most strangely of all, I seem to have fallen over the cliff of some ledge of vacation-planning sanity.

I think it’s the increased responsibility at work that is driving me to fantasize and plan in technicolor fanaticism about our upcoming weeklong-getaway.

Anyone who’s ever lived with me can vouch for the fact that I am not, generally speaking, a neatnik.¬† I am guilty of being a planner, but I’ve reached a new zenith of absurdity here.

Somewhere along the way during the internet research about how best to pack for a week in Alaska, I was corrupted by the idea of Ziploc bags.

I can’t really explain it. I won’t even try. And we’re over two weeks out from departing for this trip, you understand.

But my suitcase is now 95% fully packed in a perfectly organized garden of labeled and inventoried plastic zipper bags.  I am both horrified and pleased to look upon my creation.

I think I might actually really need a vacation.

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One Response to “Fireworks – In Sky and Suitcase”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    LOL! I pack with Ziplocks too. I can’t believe you are packed 2 weeks before the trip though. That is just crazy.