Big Partner is Watching

by kelly

So I’m driving in to work the other morning, and a package delivery truck pulls away from the curb and right into my path. I had to brake rather abruptly, and felt a flash of irritation. But it’s the kind of thing I would have forgotten about, except that. . .

. . . after arriving at work a few minutes later, a couple of other co-workers got onto the elevator at the same time I did. One of them, a shareholder who is generally known to work for a certain delivery truck client, was balancing multiple cases and files. The other person in the elevator asked him the obvious question:

“Keeping busy?”

At this, the partner rolled his eyes and said, “If I see one more [insert name of company] truck, I’m going to throw up.”

“One of those just cut me off on my way in today!” I said.

“I know,” he responded. “License 1246. I’m going to go call the company about that as soon as I get to my desk.”

(Me): “Oh. You saw that?!”

“Yes (sigh). My work for them has many facets.”

And with that, he exited the elevator, presumably to go report the bad manners of the truck driver who pulled in front of me.

Oh, YEAH, bad driver !

(karma hurts.)

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