Mother – Daughter Public Speaking

by kelly

Awwww.¬† How’s that for family togetherness?!

I asked my mom¬†if she’d like to join in the pain of some public speaking in January, and she said yes!

I get asked to do presentations, from time to time, on pseudo retirement- and health-plan related topics.

This time, the scintillating subject is 401(k) retirement plans (and the new Roth 401(k) plans). 

As a financial planner, I suspect she’ll appeal to the audience on a level very different (and more interesting)¬†than¬†my usual legal compliance¬†approach.¬† Thought it might make for a better overall presentation to bring in different perspectives.

At least one other benefits attorney will be joining in the mix, too.

And I’m now on a mission to recruit two additional¬†souls, before early September, so that no one of us will have to speak too long.

(Can you imagine an all-day seminar of 401(k)s??)

¬†Anyway, now that I’m a mom, myself, I have a better appreciation for all the things my mother has done for me.¬† She changed my diapers, fed me, taught me to walk and talk and take care of my cats.¬† She paid me allowance.¬† I borrowed her clothes.¬† We’ve shared hugs and arguments,¬†taken vacations together, talked about the past¬†and planned for the future together.

And now we’ll be 401(k) plan speakers together.¬†¬†

It almost brings a tear to the eye. 

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