“Your cats are really very naughty.”

by kelly

That’s what Juanita – family friend and occasional house-cleaner – told me when she called me at work today.

The reason for the call…? To let me know that she couldn’t remove the crib sheet for washing because Jim was in the crib, hissing and growling, and she couldn’t get him out. (Now, I’ve never seen Jim get into the crib, but maybe this is his secret daytime hobby).

Meanwhile, Minnie had hunkered down in the bathroom sink, and Juanita couldn’t get her out of there, either. ¬†Minnie, by the way, seems to have kitty laryngitis. Her meow has sounded raspy for about three days now. That effect probably did little to soothe Juanita (not a cat person) during the odd adventure with my naughty cats.

Jim in the sink – Prospect Ave ApartmentOriginally uploaded by Koog Family.

2 Responses to ““Your cats are really very naughty.””

  1. MF Says:

    Numa used to like laying in the sink. Is it hot where you are? I’m assuming the sink would be really cool.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Yes, it has been quite warm. Until today, thank goodness. Suddenly, temperatures in the 80s feel, well, temperate.