Two Firsts Today

by kelly

Ball Popper Bonanza

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It was a big day today for Emma.

At daycare, she had her first time out!

I feel very guilty about it. You see, she has learned, at our house, how to pull up to the TV and push the buttons. She thinks it’s great fun to see that her actions (pushing buttons) cause results (TV goes on/off, channels change, etc).

So, today, at daycare, she started pushing the TV buttons there while the other kids were trying to watch Sesame Street. They fussed, and Julie had to act.

Turns out TV-button pushing is not allowed at her house.  (So I feel like a slacker Mom.  I should have anticipated this and not allowed button-play at home.  Paul is of the mind that Emma will learn that some activities are OK at home, but not away from home.  Will have to see how this plays out). 

For her time-out, Julie put Emma in the Excersaucer for a minute.

But either Emma didn’t know she was in trouble, or she didn’t care. She flashed Julie a big smile from the ‘saucer.


Mesmerized Minnie

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Later in the evening, we had a visit from Paul‚Äôs uncle and cousin. Cousin Vicki brought a birthday present for Emma, since she won‚Äôt be around on the actual birthday.¬† It was Emma’s first one-year birthday toy gift, and her first time actually helping to unwrap a present.

The gift was a ball popper machine, and we’ve never seen or heard Emma bounce and squeal with so much delight at a toy, as she did when she first saw the balls popping out the top of that thing. This is going to be a lot of fun in our house.

Curiously, our skittish cat, Minnie (who has recovered from the raspy meow), was fascinated by the toy. She braved the visitors and stayed close to the machine to watch the action.

I couldn’t tell if she was irritated or excited and intrigued. But she kept her eye on that toy. She might be plotting to steal the cat-toy sized balls that pop out the top of it. In fact, she might even be wise to the fact that one of the balls popping out of it IS one of her cat toys.

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