SO ready for vacation!!!! (and way over the guilt)

by kelly

So much going on around here, lately.¬† Papers and suitcase lids have been a’flyin, and nerves have been a’frayin.

Out of an abundance of caution and as part of our vacation preparation, Paul and I recently completed our estate planning.  On Thursday, we shuffled plenty of papers around as we signed wills and a trust and various powers of attorney, all duly witnessed and notarized.   

Friday at the office, I scrambled to¬†finish up various projects, not the least of which was the second of two outlines related to a state bar presentation I’ll deliver shortly after we return.¬†¬†Paul was busy, meanwhile, with various business matters, picking up tuxes, and polishing up his Best Man toast.¬†

We left work¬†early on Friday to head out of town to attend a dress rehearsal and dinner.¬† We stayed in Fond du Lac Friday and Saturday nights (weekend suitcases¬†for each¬†of us¬†and for¬†Emma in tow)¬†to celebrate the occasion of Mark and Fran’s wedding with family¬†and friends.¬†

All the¬†non-negotiable ‘things to do’ and ‘places to be’ have taken their toll on¬†both our routine and our sense of family harmony. But we survived the forgotten diaper bag, baby shoes and socks.¬† We stopped at a gas station to buy Cheerio substitutes for a crying hungry baby en-route.¬† Another gas station later in the evening provide hand-wipes that substituted reasonably well for diaper wipes.¬† We survived the baby-pee-on-the-bathroom-floor-before-her-bath-in-the-hotel incident, and even managed to keep Emma sort of almost on her regular nap and feeding schedule over the two days of festivities.¬†¬†

Back home, today, in between cleaning¬†loads of laundry and dishes,¬†we are completing the daunting task of doing the final packing of¬†ours¬†and Emma’s suitcases for a week at sea¬†and¬†at the various grandparents’ houses,¬†respectively.¬†

I welcome and embrace the opportunity, once we’re underway,¬†to¬†wake up¬†for several days in a row and¬†to¬†not have any responsibilities.¬† I’m not sure yet what we’re¬†going to do with all the down time.¬†

But I’m sure we’ll do our best to enjoy it.¬†¬†

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