Farewell, Alaska

by kelly

Actually, we’re in (or near – in International waters?) Canadian territory now. We’ll leave the ship and fly home tomorrow out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

It’s been quite a week.

I’ve had a lot of experiences (and taken a lot of pictures), which I look forward to processing and sharing, eventually, here, after I get through the upcoming work-week and the much-anticipated reunion and catch-up hugs and play-time with our little cutie-pie daughter, whom we miss terribly.

I’ve checked work e-mail just enough to know that on my first day back in the office, I’m already booked for a four-hour client meeting.

But nothing can rob me of the mind-expanding experience that has been this cruise vacation.

The next time I get stressed over a deadline or a client demand at work, I’ll just imagine that I’m attending the Princess Pop-Idol finals. (Think American Idol – three judges included – except that the finalists are singing karoake and I’m drinking a margharita). Steve, you look like a tall Bill Murray, and the pseudo Simon Cowell judge was correct when he said that if he closed his eyes, you sound like the brother from “Everybody Loves Raymond.” But whoever you really are and whereover you hail from, I’ll always remember that winning and show-stopping baritone rendition of Sweet Caroline. You had my vote, and you deserved to win!

Or maybe I’ll just remember sipping a different alcoholic beverage and eyeing my bingo cards, surrounded by dozens of crazed bingo players, all salivating over the $2250 grand snowball bingo jackpot. (I didn’t win. But a woman from Milwaukee, sitting next to me, won $125.)

Or I could call to mind the sight of breaching humpback whales, the fins of Orcas (killer whales), the sight of spawning salmon that actually jump up waterfalls (!), the black bear that we saw from the air (he was very tiny, from our vantage point, but no matter), the opportunity to see and hear glaciers as they calved and fell into the sea. The seals, the bald eagles.

And David. Our tour guide in Juneau. David, you don’t know it, but you’ve already earned an entire post on this blog, as soon as I have time to try to capture you in words. You were the worst tour guide by whom Paul or I have ever had the pleasure of being led. And yet, somehow, you did bad so good.

So the vacation is ending, but the memories will live on.

And the blog will thrive under the weight of it all. From the serious to the trite . . .

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