More Milwaukee “Honors”

by kelly

Well, I’ve got to hand to to Milwaukeeans.¬† They know how to do what they like, and lots of it.¬†

And in a study in the headlines today, Milwaukeeans are the hardest drinkers in the nation. 

Milwaukee, not Vegas, America’s drunkest city¬†

It will come as no surprise that the residents of a city known as “The Nation’s Watering Hole” like to have a beer or two.

But Milwaukee isn’t just your average brewing town. It’s the hardest-drinking city in America, according to’s ranking of America’s Drunkest Cities.

Honestly, before I clicked on the link, I was expecting to see a Minnesota town take top booze billing. (Everybody knows about those thirsty Scandinavians). 

But it’s us.¬†

So I guess the rest of you can think of us sitting up here all safe from natural disaster, but also keeping warm and laughing it up. 

I suppose there’s a good reason that our¬†baseball team is called the¬†Brewers.¬† We do have a formidable beer brewing history, after all.¬†¬†

. . . and I suppose all the beer goggles everyone must be wearing explains why, despite my observation that the Brewers team never seems to win a game, no one else really seems to mind. 

One Response to “More Milwaukee “Honors””

  1. Editor B Says:

    And New Orleans only scored #24. Oh, the humanity.