Mom and Emma Day

by kelly

Things have been so rushed lately.

We arrived home from our vacation after midnight on a Monday. On Tuesday, it was back to the office, and by Friday, I was giving two public presentations.

The day after the presentations, we took Emma to the portrait studio for her one-year photos, and the next day, we had a birthday party for 10 people, duly decorated in a barnyard animal theme, at our house.

The next week, I was under the gun on various client deadlines.

And on Friday last, I finally finished the most pressing of them.

So when Paul left town early Saturday morning for a Golf/Poker overnight trip with the guys, and since my mother left at the same time for a seminar in San Francisco, I had all the cue I needed for spending a fun, relaxing day with Emma.

Just Mommy and Emma.

After the requisite Emma’s breakfast, morning play and morning naptime, we headed out for our fun day.

We had lunch out together at the Cheesecake Factory. While waiting for my food to arrive, I fed her in her highchair.

Then, we went to Barnes and Noble, and picked up a few fun little board books. I think my new favorite is the one called Little Gorilla.

Poor Jim (the cat)

Originally uploaded by Koog Family.

After the bookstore sojourn, it was off to the Build-A-Bear store, where we procured a new outfit and shoes for Gloria, a bear her cousin Alex previously built (and named) for her. (That’s Gloria, on the left, in the picture).

I felt like a regular Grandparent with all the baby shopping. It was fun.

After we’d had our fill of the mall, we went to the park, where Emma crawled and crawled and crawled, stopping every few feet to hand me interesting objects that she found. She handed me an acorn, several sticks, leaves, blades of grass, and pieces of pieces of weeds that she tore off just for me (Awwww….).

She also enjoyed being pushed in a swing.

After our big day out, it was time for her dinner and after that, for a bath.

It was a lovely Mom and Emma Day.

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