The Schmooz is On

by kelly

It’s that time of year again.

It’s high “On Campus Interviewing”, a.k.a. OCI, season at law schools across the country.¬†

And things are going well for Paul, so far, in this, his second go at it.  So far this week, he has been invited to, and attended, get-to-know-you events at two large law firms in town.  Today he will attend the first of six interviews scheduled to date Рmostly with good firms with which we would the thrilled for him to have an employment opportunity.   

The goal to justify all of the madness is that coveted of all law student assignments Рa 2007 summer associate position with a law firm for which one might not mind working after graduation. 

So good luck, Paul! 

We’ll find out in a few weeks/months how it all¬†shakes out!

One Response to “The Schmooz is On”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Good luck Paul! Hopefully its better than the last “opportunity” and that you find¬†happiness in whatever avenue your JD takes you!!