Not Once, But Twice

by kelly

black cat

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Strange. The road ahead of me was crossed by a black cat once on my way to work this morning, and once again on my way home. I doubt it was the same cat, as the incidents occurred several blocks apart.

I’m not sure if the superstitious would consider me to have a double case of bad luck, or whether the evening crossing undoes the bad luck of the morning crossing.

It was a pretty good day, too.¬† I didn’t have a reason to perceive¬†any doom or ruin.

Either way, I figure that the odds of that happening to one person twice in one day are pretty low.

2 Responses to “Not Once, But Twice”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Personally, I think black cats are a sign of good luck! Every time I’ve seen an all black cat, I’ve had a good day!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Right on! I must have had a double case of GOOD luck!