Date Night and Mini Movie Review

by kelly

We parents of a 13-month old sometimes feel that we don’t get out too often, other than for work, school, etc.

But we had a date night over the weekend, while Emma stayed at home in the care of my mom.

Dinner at Crawdaddy’s in West Allis was fabulous.¬† Crawdaddy’s boasts a New Orleans-style menu and was ranked best local restaurant for seafood by some local reviewers.¬†¬†It was our first time eating there, but we’ll be back in the future.

And then it was off to the movie theater.

None of the choices were particularly appealing, but we figured that a film with Nicholas Cage in it couldn’t be all bad.¬† We chose The Wicker Man.

It was a strange, and¬†I hate to say it, bad film.¬† We didn’t even know until later that it was a remake of an earlier film (or two?).¬†

I could take the time to expound on why this one left he wondering what I had just seen, but that has already been done so eloquently at this link.

I’m not telling you not to go and see it.¬† There’s something oddly appealing about some of the bad lines in it:

“Move away from the bicycle!” [spoken by Nicholas Cage, brandishing gun];

(and my favorite:)¬†¬† “Aaahh!!!¬† My LEGS!!!!” [spoken, I mean, screamed¬†by Cage offscreen in a really weird part of the movie]

And then there was the satisfaction that I had pretty much guessed how it was going to end fairly early on. 

I’m still not sure what it was . . .¬†¬† But a Leaving Las Vegas performance it was not.¬†

3 Responses to “Date Night and Mini Movie Review”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Kevin and I saw Little Miss Sunshine, and I must insist that you see that the next time you get the chance. It was hilarious!! You wont be disappointed

  2. Kelly Says:

    Aha. I saw that LMS had received good reviews. Paul didn’t go for my pitch of it as a “dysfunctional family roadtrip.” But we have another movie gift certificate, so if we get back soon, I’ll be sure to take your advice!

  3. Nicole Says:

    Oh, dont worry, he’ll like it. Even the old grumpy guy behind me (who loudly commented that the beginning sucked) was laughing really hard. And then, when the movie ended- he talked about how great it was and how he was glad he got dragged in.