My Groundhog Neighbor

by kelly

Neighborhood Groundhog

I have written previously about my sightings of the neighborhood groundhog.

Well, this weekend, I saw him/her again, and happened to have my camera in my purse!  I stopped my car, got out, and got a couple of shots.  This is the best one (and it is also blown up a bit, below).

So here’s my little groundhog ‘buddy.’ (I realize that our ‘friendship’ is one-sided; he/she ran away into the woods after I took this picture and started talking to it in what must have seemed a patronizing – but for my part, purely affectionate – tone).

I think that one of the reasons I may have been seeing him/her out eating so often is that it will soon be time for hibernation. Apparently, these little guys pack on the weight at this time of year, just before going into a deep deep sleep, and then waking up much thinner in about February.

So I’m glad I got this picture of my groundhog buddy before he or she disappears into the burrow for the upcoming cold months.

(Judging by the waddle I saw as the little guy/gal ran away into the woods, I’d say the weight gaining program has been successful.  Way to go, little buddy!)
Groundhog - cropped

4 Responses to “My Groundhog Neighbor”

  1. Mike Says:

    Excellent. But does it dig up your garden/lawn?

  2. Kelly Says:

    He/she lives in some park-land more or less across the street (separated by a major road), so our lawn and garden are safe, sound, and groundhog free!

    It’s awfully fun to look for him/her as I’m driving home each day, though.

  3. ahab Says:

    We had one of those in our yard this year. In the spring our cat chased it a few times. In the summer it chased our cat a few times. Haven’t seen it lately, though. Maybe kitty ate it.

  4. kelly Says:

    Woo. I’d hate to see either of my cats tangle with this one – he/she’s big!

    The one in your yard might be hibernating now. I read that they start doing that in mid to late September.