by kelly

So last night, Paul turned in for sleep after clicking off the TV (and a disappointing football game; the Packers are no longer undefeated.  Stinkin’ Chicago Bears!).

I took out the trash and attended to other things around the house for a few minutes before finally checking on Emma and then heading for bed, myself.

When I crawled into bed, I gave sleepy Paul an update on our sleeping daughter:

Mommy Koog: “She’s fine. She’s hugging her doll.”

Daddy Koog: “Ridiculous!!”

Mommy Koog: “What!? I said ‘She’s hugging her doll.'”

Daddy Koog: “No – I mean that they lost the game.”

And that’s what happens in Wisconsin when the Packers give up the ball four times in the second half, ending up losing what initially appeared a promising game.

Poor, native Wisconsinites dream and even sleep-talk about it.


One Response to “Pillowtalk”

  1. Rachel (Magic's wife) Says:

    Spoken like a true sports fan – especially a Packers fan :-)