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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Last night, we did something unusual at our house.

We had some chocolate pudding for dessert.

When I put it in front of her, Emma asked what it was.

“Pudding.” I said.  “You can eat it with your spoon.”

“Oh, Pudding?” she replied?

“Yes, and it tastes like chocolate.”

“Oh, Chocolate?”

What followed was a very cute, precious little moment.

Emma carefully dipped her spoon into the pudding and had a taste.

“Mommy, chocolate very good!!” she said.

All I could do was smile and agree with her, as she continued to enjoy her dessert.



Friday, October 26th, 2007

Emma has a very vivid imagination.  Much of her play time is spent assuming different identities (and assigning different identities to Mommy and/or Daddy, too).

And we are doing more and more “pretend” play, as well.

Last night, for example, we pretended to throw cold snowballs (at different stuffed animals) in her room.

This morning in the living room, after she told me that she was ‘the baby bird’ and that I was ‘the mommy bird’, we pretended to pick up and eat worms.  Lots of worms.

I sometimes wonder where Emma gets this vivid imagination.  And then, as I think back about the fact that I initiated the throwing of pretend snowballs and the eating of pretend worms, I start to figure it out a little…

“Jumping is FUN!” she said, as she climbed back up to do it again (and again and again…)

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007




New House!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Well, our offer on the house was accepted! 

The closing won’t be for a while, still, as the sellers want to wait until closer to the time that a new job starts in another city, but before too long, we’re going to be in some cute new digs!

Our current place has kept us sheltered from the wind and rain and all, but it was always intended to be more an ‘investment’ than a home.  I’m quite ready to abandon the life with tenants overhead and to stretch out into a little more space of our own.

Secret Teamwork Buddies

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Teamwork, originally uploaded by Koog Family.

In the house, my two cats mostly don’t want much to do with one another. So imagine my surprise when I discovered, tonight, that they were hunting a mouse outside together for an extended period of time. Jim is the real mouse killer and Minnie just seems to like to watch it run around after Jim flushes it out of hiding.

What a team! What togetherness! They were scampering down the sidewalk and in the yards together like the old pals that you’d think they should be after nearly 10 years of cohabitation.

Who knew?

Fingers Crossed!!!

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

We made an offer on a house today.

…A house that I LOVE and really want to live in.

We offered a little less than the full asking price, since we would feel foolish offering full price in this real estate market, which everyone knows is down.

But I’m nervous. I hope that they either accept it OR at least give us a chance to counter, because I totally would, in order to get it.

I am in a state of suspense while we wait to hear what happens.

I hope I hope I hope it works out!!!!!!

House (and Ghost?) Hunting

Friday, October 19th, 2007

So yesterday was a busy day.  I gave not one, but two hour-long presentations at a work-sponsored seminar.

And after a full workday, Paul and I once again hit the house-hunting trail.

We’re getting close to making a decision, which is exciting. 

But it was interesting that as we were looking around in one of the houses we saw last night (not one we are now considering buying), I had the sense that the house had a ghost.

I’m not sure why I even said “A ghost lives here” when we were in the house.  It was just a kind of perception I had.  And it made me less interested in the house.  I felt like we would feel crowded if we lived there – and it was a relatively spacious place.

So it was funny to see this story on MSN this morning about how being told that a house has a ghost won’t necessarily turn buyers away, and may even attract them:

Ghosts may not spook home buyers

Well, that doesn’t apply to THIS buyer. 

I’m looking for a place that my family can call home.  Without competition for any other occupiers.


Finally! A presidential candidate I can have a crush on!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Cleaning up America
Originally uploaded by Kier42

 Published: Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Colbert Announces Presidential Pursuit

AP Entertainment Writer

Stephen Colbert has announced his candidacy for president on “The Colbert Report,” tossing his satirical hat into the ring of an already crowded race.

“I shall seek the office of the president of the United States,” Colbert said Tuesday on his Comedy Central show as red, white and blue balloons fell around him.

Colbert, 43, had recently satirized the coyness of would-be presidential candidates by refusing to disclose whether he would seek the country’s highest office – a refusal that often came without any prompting.

Introducing the Blast-from-the-Past Pregnancy Journal

Monday, October 15th, 2007

I have read in many places that a common side-effect, if you will, of pregancy is forgetfulness. Here’s a Q&A on a mommy website that addresses the issue:

Why have I felt so absentminded since I’ve been pregnant?
Many pregnant women say their short-term memory isn’t up to par during pregnancy, particularly during their first and third trimesters.

It certainly seems to make sense: In your first trimester, you may be distracted by thoughts about this new adventure you’re beginning or worries about your baby’s health, as well as exhausted and nauseated from the hormonal changes you’re undergoing. During your third trimester, you may be overwhelmed or just plain distracted by the huge life changes you’re about to experience and again exhausted if you’re having trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

Research on pregnancy and memory is limited, so no one knows for sure what’s really going on. While some studies have found evidence of verbal and memory deficits during pregnancy, others have shown that pregnant women actually do just as well in cognitive tests as women who aren’t pregnant.

One study found that pregnant women did experience a decline in memory, but only in the third trimester. Interestingly, in a different study, pregnant women rated themselves as having performed worse than they would have before pregnancy, even though they tested just as well as a group that wasn’t pregnant. So if you think you’re flakier than usual while you’re pregnant, it may just be your perception.

My OWN Doctor’s take on the subject is that pregnancy forgetfulness is a result of the hormones and is nature’s way of softening the edge (at least in hindsight) on some of the less pleasant aspects of pregnancy.

Nothing wrong with forgetting the downside.

And generally, I agree with this view.

I found that, after Emma was born, the details of the pregnancy, and how I felt at what stages, kind of faded from view. That was well enough from my perspective, but it is hard to explain to expecting women who come to a pregnancy-veteran for advice that you can’t answer their question about how it was for you because you just can’t remember.

Anyway, the forgetting aspect is one of the things that makes me so glad that I kept a pregnancy journal throughout those days carrying Emma.

August Journal 013

And now that I’m pregnant again – and once again have those kinds of issues on the mind – I figure this is as fine a time as any to share some of the highlights from that journal.

So I’ll be doing that – over the coming weeks. It’s already interesting to see where some of the ways I’m feeling about the new baby (and about pregnancy, generally) are the same as, and different from, they were during the first go-round.

Generally speaking, this time, there is a virtual absence of anxiety about the many unknown changes (physical, emotional, household- and work-related) that the birth of a first baby brings. There’s also a dull sense of dread mixed with determined stoicism, though, at how the physical part will get more challenging before it gets better – although I no longer have any fears about the actual birthing process.

Beyond that, my current tale is just one of hormones. Lots of hormones. Lots of emotion and more tears at trivial stories than usual. Pregnant women should not be allowed to watch Hallmark Commercials or to listen to an interview on the radio in which Benedictine Nun, Sister Joan Chittister, recounts some of her poignant childhood memories.

The Feline Lost a Canine!

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Jim Lost A Tooth!, originally uploaded by Koog Family.

I’ve been noticing for a few days – although it took a while to register, that when Jim looks at me and meows, I see more of his lower lip than usual.

Yesterday, it occured to me that there might be a tooth issue. Not thinking too carefully about it, I managed to grab him and get a look at his upper teeth.

All there. But I mentioned it to Paul.

And this morning, Paul checked the bottom teeth and confirmed that Jim lost one of his large, lower canine teeth!

I’m pretty proud of the fact that I both held Jim AND took the large picture here all by myself.

And there’s no doubt. Our 10-year-old little buddy is now down one (pretty important) tooth.

My guess is that he lost it trying to eat the harder parts of one of his many recent bird or mouse victims.

The area where the tooth was doesn’t seem infected or irritated.

So I guess we wont’ do anything in particular about it. Except maybe give him soft food a little more often.

Missing Tooth!