Admitting Defeat

by kelly

Hmmm.  In case anyone missed it, I haven’t posted here (or even had time for my old passion of frequent picture taking) for over two months!!!!

It’s finally all caught up with me – my schedule and current life situation.

I haven’t had much time for blogging while being pregnant, getting to my scheduled Dr. appointments, working full time, being a member of two non-profit boards and in a leadership position on one national American Bar Association subcommittee, mothering a precocious, feisty, sweet and earnest two year old daughter, having a husband who is both finishing up part time law school, working as a part-time law clerk, and running his own business, trying to keep my family shopped for and well-fed, and with clean laundry, or helping (ok, only a little) to pack up the house as we prepare to move to our new home…

Somehow reading even all that, it still doesn’t seem that I should feel as tired as I feel.

But I am.  I attended a lunch meeting of working moms recently and heard a speech by a “life coach”.  She talked about the fact that we all find ourselves, throughout our lives, in different “seasons.”  These seasons are affected by our obligations and choices, as well as by those of our family members.

“Until a woman’s youngest child turns 4,” she said, “she is in a very low energy season.”

Got that?

That means it will all get better… in about five years!

And I know that on the sleep-getting front, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.  Having already had a baby once, I now have no more illusions that only other people can’t get sleep when a new baby is in the house. 

So I’m kind of mentally preparing to be fairly homebound and tired once May rolls around.

I’m probably only feeling extra anxious now just because our move to the new home is on the near horizon.

Once we get settled in there, I’m sure everything will unfold peacefully.  And once the baby comes, I’ll remember that there’s an awful lot of sweetness to brighten up those tired early days.

Plus, after having lived with a toddler (the potty training situation is getting better and better over time), it will be amazing to again have a child that actually just lays still for a diaper change instead of squirming violently away from the diaper, or, more recently, yells “I don’t WANT to sit on the potty!”

So, maybe I’ll get back to posting more frequently here.

But if I don’t, you’ll know why…

Happy 2008, everyone!

2 Responses to “Admitting Defeat”

  1. Editor B Says:

    Welcome back. I wouldn’t call it defeat.

    I think of my blog as a journal. Even if I have nothing brilliant to share, it’s still important to me to keep in the habit of writing every day. I might scale back to every other day if the joys of parenthood overwhelm me. Or maybe once a week. Finding a reasonable rhythm is the key.

  2. Lee Says:

    Defeated? No.

    I don’t blog as much as I would like either. Sitting at a computer all day staring endlessly at the screen doesn’t entice someone to come home to sit on it some more and write.

    I hope all is well in Wisconsin!