New House

by kelly

So we had our house closing last week, and it’s official…

We are the proud owners of a new set of house keys!

We don’t move in for a few more days, yet, but we’ve been visiting here and there, to check it all out, to get ready for moving day, and to meet with a repair person or cleaner or two.

This weekend, we went over to measure some things and to prep the one room that we’ll be painting for it’s new color.

There we were.  I was busy measuring.  Paul was busy applying painter’s tape in the new baby’s room.  Meanwhile, unphased by our concentration on our respective tasks, Emma’s idea of a good time was running around and around in circles in several rooms, playing chase with me, and laughing all the while.

It’s nice to see the moving process through our young child’s eyes.

It helps to ease my moving anxiety to see that, for her, this is all about new places to explore, new boxes to play and hide in, and new stairs on which to go up and down.

We’re all really looking forward to getting settled into our new place!

One Response to “New House”

  1. Lee Says:

    I’m still looking forward to getting settled, a year and a half later :)

    At least Emma enjoys it!