Cold, but Proud and Happy

by kelly

It turns out that we’re in the midst of a record-breaking winter here in Milwaukee.

It’s been unusually, and bitterly cold, and since December, we’ve had snowstorm upon snowstorm regularly dumping multiple inches of snow on our fair city.

My never-closes office even – (gasp) – closed one day last week due to a 10-inch-plus snowfall that was predicted, and came, that day.

But in the midst of it all, and with sometimes wet, snowy shoes, we’ve managed to move into our new house, and are slowly settling in.

Another recent change is that Emma has started at a new day care place.

She has taken right to the place, and loves it, as do we. 

They give us a written report of her meals, nap timing, and other activities for the day.

So we know that on her first day there, the teacher read “Suppertime for Frieda Fuzzypaws” and that Emma enjoyed “filling up and then pouring out sand from pink frying pan,” among other things.

We’re very proud of our happy little girl, who is making friends and adjusting so well to the new “classroom” setting. 

We love hanging her coat on the hook underneath her name in the morning, and, at night, hearing her tell us little things about her day. 

It’s sweet, sweet stuff.  And makes the cold winter seem just a little warmer.

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  1. Editor B Says:


    Strangely enough another friend also just battled the elements to complete a move.