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The table and Aiden – both yucky

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Well, Emma’s been making some new friends, and she likes her teachers at the new pre-school daycare.

But not all is sunshine and roses, now that we’re past the novelty of the first few days. 

I’ve been trying hard to prompt Emma with just the right questions to elicit from her some information about her days there, and sometimes, I get good information results.  (The daily teacher’s notes on what she did that day are also a much appreciated source of information and comfort).

But, after a general lack of response last evening, I realized that maybe I’ve been asking too much about what is “fun” and wonderful at school.  It occurred to me that, as is true about anyplace that we spend so much time, there must be some not so good things, too. 

So I’ve started asking about that, too.  Last night, I asked about what is “yucky” at school.  Turns out, “the table is yucky” because one of her little girl friends got “stuck” under there, apparently right when her dad came to pick her up.  According to Emma’s telling, the girl must have been under the table when her father arrived, and, when she couldn’t get out from under it quickly, “she cried for her dad.”  From what I can piece together, Emma imparted some blame for this situation on the table itself (although the girl’s dad helped his daughter to get out right away).  At some point during this melee, Emma “ran away from that.”  (“That” being the suspicious table, I presume).

Also, we had a lot of crying in the car this morning on the way to school.  Emma REALLY wanted to stay home to watch a particular Disney DVD.  She did NOT want to be in her car seat, and did NOT want to go to her new school.

When we arrived and parked at school, I sat in the back seat with her to discuss just why she didn’t want to go in.

Among our topics of discussion was my question, again, about what might be yucky at the school.  And the answer I got was that “Aiden is yucky.”  He has pushed her, she says, and “the teacher scolded him for that.” 

(I don’t doubt that this is true.  Paul once saw a little boy named Nathaniel there push Emma during a play-time right when he arrived to pick her up.)   

We talked about it being a good thing that the teacher was talking to Aiden about not pushing, and about how the teachers like Emma very much and take good care of her.

At that point, I said we should go inside together and just see if there might not also be some fun and nice things about school, too.

Sure enough, as soon as we got to her room, she found a small stack of blocks to keep her attention.  When a teacher asked how Emma was doing today, I said that she had cried quite a bit in the car, but that I thought she was feeling better now.  The teacher then noted Emma’s interest in the blocks and took her for some one on one play time to a corner that houses a “whole bucket of blocks.” 

I thought it was nice that the teacher gave her some special attention and stayed with her for a while getting her focused on something interesting.  (I saw them still there together several minutes later as I passed by again on my way out after checking on some other things).

I also passed the baby room today, and saw a crazy baby feeding table shaped like a kidney bean with slots for like six babies to sit in, all propped up.  There was a lot of rice cereal on their faces.  They were all content and being fed their baby breakfasts together at the table.  Very cute. 

It’s a really good place there.  (Yucky tables, pushy little boys, and all). 

Cold, but Proud and Happy

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

It turns out that we’re in the midst of a record-breaking winter here in Milwaukee.

It’s been unusually, and bitterly cold, and since December, we’ve had snowstorm upon snowstorm regularly dumping multiple inches of snow on our fair city.

My never-closes office even – (gasp) – closed one day last week due to a 10-inch-plus snowfall that was predicted, and came, that day.

But in the midst of it all, and with sometimes wet, snowy shoes, we’ve managed to move into our new house, and are slowly settling in.

Another recent change is that Emma has started at a new day care place.

She has taken right to the place, and loves it, as do we. 

They give us a written report of her meals, nap timing, and other activities for the day.

So we know that on her first day there, the teacher read “Suppertime for Frieda Fuzzypaws” and that Emma enjoyed “filling up and then pouring out sand from pink frying pan,” among other things.

We’re very proud of our happy little girl, who is making friends and adjusting so well to the new “classroom” setting. 

We love hanging her coat on the hook underneath her name in the morning, and, at night, hearing her tell us little things about her day. 

It’s sweet, sweet stuff.  And makes the cold winter seem just a little warmer.