“Mama, Let’s Get OUTTA Here!”

by kelly

This is a phrase that always seems to amuse me on some level, when Emma uses it.

She yelled it out several times today when I dropped her off at pre-school (but then soon settled down on a nice teacher’s lap for a story). 

And recently, when she was in my office at the end of a work day, briefly, as Paul and I had to transfer her from one of us to the other, she said it loud enough for a few office neighbors to hear down the hallway.

It might have been that same day that she also looked into the office of a vice-president of the firm, who, in the office next to mine, was sitting quietly at his desk, staring at his computer.  “What’s that man DOING in there!?” she inquired, in a tone of earnest uncertainty.  I noticed a slight smile spread across his face as I answered her, “Well, I THINK he’s working!”

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