The Discovery of Insulated Curtains

by kelly

It’s taken over two-and-a-half years of parenting, a move to a new house, and a trip to a hotel room in New Orleans for us to figure it all out.  But now we have.

And Emma (and we) have been sleeping better at night ever since.

Our new house happens to be in a neighborhood with LOTS of light from the street that shines into the windows at night.  Mostly, this is from street lights, although a lot of neighbors also seem to keep the porch lights, and or various garage/security lights on.

Also, the bedrooms in our new house came with some pretty Levelor blinds.  They are lovely things in two layers, but they are fairly translucent, and let in a lot of that street light.

During our first several nights sleeping in the house, if we woke up in the night, we saw how very light it was in the room.

It slowly began to occur to us that the high light level was negatively impacting our ability to sleep soundly through the night.

And Emma had a lot of wake-ups, too, that had to be attended to.

Then we went to New Orleans for a few days.  And the hotel there – right on busy Bourbon Street – had “black out” curtains that kept out all light. 

We were surprised to see how well we slept through the night, and how rested we felt afterwards.

We started to wonder if the colds we had were, in part, due to the cruddy sleep we’d been getting.

I decided, after we returned home to our bright-night rooms, that it was time to shop for curtains.  And I did a little research, and discovered that curtains can be “lined” or even “insulated,” with these labels indicating varying degrees of light-blocking abilities.

I ordered some insulated “black-out” curtains for Emma’s room, and some decorative “lined” curtains for ours.

Now that these are installed, the results have been amazing.  Emma has hardly made a peep from the pitch blackness that is her night-time room, since we put them up, and we’ve been getting much better nights of sleep and feeling generally more rested and healthier, ourselves, too.

As a baby, Emma had night-time wake-ups for a considerably longer period that some other kids do.  I marked it all up to temperment and disposition.

But what if we’ve finally now just discovered the key to keeping kids (and adults) asleep!  It’s simple – just block out as much light as possible!

What if the difference between parents who can get their 7-months old to sleep through the night and those who can’t can be explained only by the difference in the curtains in the two homes!?

We’re now going to be putting up some black-out curtains in the new baby’s room, too, and it will be interesting to see how her sleeping patterns evolve.

In any event, the ability to block light should help with daytime naps, at least. 

So we’re all sleeping better in the house now.

If any of you think you might also benefit from some new curtains, I recommend checking out online.  That’s where we got ours.  They have a large selection of lined and “black-out” curtains that really do the trick!

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    I got ours from I agree- they are quite nice!