by kelly

Ooooh…. three weeks since I posted anything here.

And last night, I had three big contractions that made me sure that we would be having a baby imminently.

But then they stopped – the contractions, I mean.

But I got a little reminder of what all that feels like.  (And it’s not really that good).

And a little (well, a lot) of inspiration to finish up a lot of projects at work today, since I now feel like I could ‘go’ at, really, any time. 

Luckily, I got up at 1:30 last night and mosty finished packing my hospital bag and Emma’s overnight bag, and when the time comes, we’ll all be ready to react accordingly.

With updates – and I suspect a healthy number of baby pictures – here, too, of course.

(We finally replaced our dear camera that was recently lost [let’s hear it for great deals on e-bay!], and I’ll soon be able to post real digitally-made photos to Flickr, again, and to blog them here!)

3 Responses to “Three”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Glad to hear youre still doing well!

  2. Lee Says:

    I was beginning to wonder…………

  3. Grandma K Says:

    I have a feeling perhaps the baby might come Sunday for some reason.
    Anxiously awaiting. Love Ya Grandma K